The Thai Government legalized weed on June 9, 2022. However, it has set strict rules about the kind of weed that can be cultivated, sold, and consumed in the country. Moreover, there is control over the amount of THC that can be present in the weed. The maximum allowed limit of THC concentration in consumables made from Thai weed is 1.6mg per unit. 

Cannabis plant with flower.

The government has also banned all kinds of imported weed, including from neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. The only legal way to get weed in Thailand is to grow it yourself or buy it from a licensed dispensary.

Is Weed Legal in Thailand?

The simple answer is yes, weed is legal in Thailand. In an effort to boost the economy of the country and the health of its citizens, the Thai government has legalized weed. The new law went into effect on June 9, 2022, and it allows for the cultivation, sale, and consumption of weed in Thailand.

There are some restrictions in place, however. 

For instance, the maximum legal THC concentration allowed in Thai weed products (not flower) is 1.6mg THC per unit. Additionally, smoking is banned in public places.

Moreover, you can import weed in Thailand only for medicinal purposes. Individuals can grow weed in their homes only if they have a permit from the government. However, at this point, the rules and regulations aren’t strictly enforced.

Best Thai Sativa Strains

Thailand has approved only four strains that can be grown, traded, and consumed in the country. They are:

  • Hang Kra Rog Phu Phan ST1- This is best-known as Thai stick. These have large bushy flowers and a strong aroma. It contains both CBD and THC.
  • Hang Suea Sakon Nakhon TT1- These have an aroma of orange peel with a hint of pungent, which bears long blooms that resemble rudders. It contains more THC in comparison to CBD.
  • Tanaosri Kan Khaw WA1- This strain contains flowers that are closely packed together and has an orange peel and lemongrass aroma. Similar to the TT1 strain, this one has a even higher THC content and a milder aroma.
  • Tanaosri Kan Daeng RD1- Tanaosri Kan Daeng RD1 has red petioles, stems, and branches like WA1. Its aroma is sweet and pleasant without being overpowering. It is the least psychotropic of the above mentioned marijuana strains since it contains more cannabidiol than THC.

Thailand Weed Festival

Thailand 420 Highland Games and Music Festival is an annual event that takes place in Thailand. It is a family-friendly event that celebrates all things weed. The festival includes live music, food, and other stalls. 

Person taking a picture of jars with cannabis flowers inside.

The festival was initiated by the Highland Network seven years ago with the aim of promoting the use of weed for medicinal purposes. The citizens celebrate the festival with extra zeal after the Thai government legalized weed in 2022.


Thailand has taken a major step by legalizing weed. This will have a positive impact on the economy and the health of its citizens. It will also help boost the travel and tourism industries in the country.

With the legalization of weed, Thailand is all set to become a major hub for weed in Asia, with some people now calling Thailand the Amsterdam of Asia.